International Choir Festival “IFAS”




Mezinárodní festival pěveckých sborů

3.–8. 7. 2024

Pardubice / Czech Republic




  1. FEES
    1. Application fee
      Category A 3 000,00 CZK per a choir
      Category B 1 000,00 CZK per a choir
      Category C, D 1 500,00 CZK per a choir
      Category BM 2 000,00 CZK per a choir

      The application fee must be submitted with the completed application form by 31. 1. 2024.
      The application fee, minus a service charge, will be returned to those choirs the Artistic Council does not select to participate in IFAS 2024.

    2. Participation fee: 400,00 CZK /person

      • The participation fee does not include accommodation and meals.

    3. Accommodation:
      Length of stay: 3. - 8. 7. 2024

      • accommodations will be provided in the university campus.

      1. STANDARD 2 000,00 CZK/person

        • 2 - 3 bed room - with fixed internet connection; the fridge inside the room a shared bathroom, toilette and kitchen on the corridor

      2. STUDIO 3 500,00 CZK/person

        • 2 bed room - a room for two persons which includes a bathroom, toilette, kitchen (with a fridge, without kitchen equipment), fixed internet connection

    4. Meals

      • meals will be provided at the university campus.

      • starts with dinner on 3.7. and ends with breakfast on 8.7.

      1. All-day dining 2 500,00 CZK/person

        • breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, salad, drinks from a vending machine

      2. Diets 2 800,00 CZK/person

        • vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, lactose free, etc.

      The selected choirs must transfer at least 75% of the expected participation fee to the IFAS 2024 bank account by 31. 3. 2024 at the latest. The remainder of the expected participation fee will be payable upon the choir’s arrival at the festival.


    • completed application form (electronic form, please !!!))

    • choir recording, not older than two years

    • current photograph of the choir (300 DPI - approx. 1 MB)

    • current photograph of the conductor (300 DPI - approx. 1 MB)

    The above-mentioned materials will not be returned to the choir!

    Applicants should transfer all materials mentioned above by 31. 1. 2024.


    Decisions will be made on the submitted recordings, and according to the preferences given in section 2 (choirs and categories) of this document.

    Applicants will be informed (in writing) of the Artistic Council’s decision by 28. 2. 2024 at the latest.


    To confirm participation selected choirs must submit a completed "programme questionnaire" and pay 75% of the participation fee (see 1.2, 1.3., 1.4) by 31. 3. 2024. The selected choirs will be also asked to enclose seven copies of each of their programme compositions. If these requirements are not met, the organizers reserve the right to replace the choir !


    Participating choirs arrange transportation to the festival venue and all the crossings during the festival at their own cost.

    1. Participating choirs are expected to keep the instructions of the organizing committee and to follow the instructions, competition rules, and daily schedule of IFAS 2024.

    2. Participating choirs will allow the organizing committee to make audio and video recordings during the Festival and to distribute them free of charge.

    3. IFAS 2024 is subsidized by funds and donations from partners, sponsors and fees paid by the participants.

    4. The Festival is coordinated by the Civic association of IFAS. An organizing committee will lead the The IFAS 2024 Festival.