International Choir Festival “IFAS”




Mezinárodní festival pěveckých sborů

Международный Хоровой Фестиваль

Internationales Chorfestival

3.–8. 7. 2022

Pardubice / Czech Republic


CZ / EN / RU / DE


The international choir festival IFAS is an exhibition of choirs connected with an international competition. The festival prizes are both material and financial: the main festival award is GRAND PRIX - IFAS 2022, Pardubice University Rector's Award and Bohuslav Martinů Award.

  1. Competition programme
    1. Categories A1, A2, A3 with the possibility of advancing to GP (in the case of a sufficient number of competition choirs)

      The total net length of the performance, including the required composition, should be 15-17 minutes.

      1. the required composition
        A1 Jiří Teml (*1935) Stultitia
        A2 Bohuslav Martinů (1890-1959) Sen (from the cycle „Čtyři písně o Marii“, n. 2)
        A3 Miroslav Raichl (1930-1998) Amours
      2. renaissance or Baroque polyphonic composition
      3. composition written after 1950
      4. composition from the Romantic period (categories A1, A3 only)
      5. optional composition(s)

      The order of programme is at the director's discretion.

      All compositions must be performed a cappella!!!

      Song performed in this category may not be used in any of the other categories.

    2. Category B

      The total net length of the performanceshould be 15-17 minutes.

      Free dramaturgy contrasting program.

    3. Categories C and D

      Total net length of the performance should be 8-10 minutes.

      1. Category C1

        Compositions of one style of art music - e.g. Renaissance or Baroque music, sacred music, romantic, music of 20th century etc. In 1 composition a music instrument can be used, the others a cappella!

      2. Category C2

        Jazz, pop, spirituals, gospel (no art music or folk-based compositions), 1 composition a cappella, in the others can be used 1-3 accompanying instruments.

      3. Category D1
        1. an arrangement of a folk song from the country represented by the choir

        2. an arrangement of a folk song from a foreign country

        3. a composition based on a folk text

        The order of programme is at the director's discretion.

        A cappella only!

      4. Category D2

        A performance of folk songs only from the country represented by the choir. An additional evaluative criterion for this category is the overall impression - choreography, costumes, etc.

        Using musical instruments is possible.

    4. 1.4 Competition programme for category BM - Bohuslav Martinů

      Total net length of the performance should be 12-14 minutes

      1. a composition by Bohuslav Martinů

      2. optional programme, incl. compositions from at least 2 style periods

      The order of programme is at the director's discretion

      The choir may not repeat compositions performed in other categories.

  2. The choirs evaluations

    An international jury will evaluate the competition.

    The choirs will be evaluated on a point system (0-30 points).

    1. The choirs competing in categories A, B, C, D1 and BM will be evaluated on a point system based on the following criteria:

      1. vocal quality and technique
      2. intonation and rhythm
      3. dynamics and style of the performed compositions
      4. the quality of the programme literature
    2. category D2:

      • overall impression of the performance

    A choir's point total may be lowered if the choir exceeds the competition programme time limit.

  3. Levels
    1. The jury will place the choirs according to point in categories A, B, C, D1 and BM totals as stated below:

      Gold level 25 - 30 points
      Silver level 20 - 24,99 points
      Bronze level 15 - 19,99 points
    2. The points earned in Gold level will decide about the placement of the 3 best choirs.

    3. The place of the best choir from category D2 will be decided by the number of points earned in the category.

    4. The winner of Grand Prix IFAS 2022 is a category A choir with the highest score, at least 28.00. If no choir reaches this limit, the Grand Prix IFAS 2022 holder will not be announced.

    5. The winner of Bohuslav Martinů Award became the best evaluated choir in the gold level in the category BM.

    6. The winner of the University Rector's Award is the best-rated university choir in the category A.

  4. The Jury's decisions are final without appeal.

  5. The organizing committee reserves the right to award further festival prizes (financial and/or material), if recommended by the jury or the audience.

  6. The results of the international competition will be entered into the final record of IFAS 2022